This is the Pathos test release page

Hey there. This is Steve. I make games for a living, and (this) for fun. Welcome to my 'Pathos' iterative test release page. I was working on a flash version of a friend's board game when I was stricken with the notion of turning my tile-set detection routine into a simple one-click tile rotation, set completion game. The name for this first test Puzzle Game is 'Pathos'. I will be releasing each version online, journaling my iterations. I'm a level/systems designer by trade, but have been practicing my logic implementation chops through actionscript in my spare time. I could take classes, but I get my kicks off discovering core programming concepts from scratch without assistance.

Current Release: 1.6

Version Accomplishments:
* Simplified puzzle to base timed tile completion version
* Stating pregame and post game state overtly

Current Bugs:
* Every now and then timer does not start at game session start

Goals for v1.7:
* Fix timer issue
* Add storage of best times list on server

Special Thanks
* Josh Weier - thanks for the feedback and torch idea!
* Stone Librande - 'Maze' creator, sparker of design mindstorms!
* Lisa (my wife) - for being cool about me fiddling on my laptop all night long (tappa tappa tappa!)